AXC check passed first time, now alternates between RMS and peak value errors

Windows 10, Audacity 2.4.1
Hello! I’m hoping someone can help me figure out what I’m missing. I first did the standard filters (filter curve, RMS normalize, limiter) and everything passed ACX check. I put all these values into a macro (chain) and I got an error on ACX check that the peak values were too high. I got the same message when I manually placed in the filters again. When I change the peak value, I get an error that now the RMS is off.
So now I’m stuck. Any advice would be appreciated. Small clip attached.
Thank you!

No audio attached.
Here’s how to do that …

We don’t publish a Macro for mastering because the efforts have had stability problems.

Plus, if you pushed up to Audacity 2.4.1, the tools are different.

We’re catching up with the instructions.


Here Is the file:

Adjusting the RMS will change the peak values & vice-versa.
Limiting the peaks will also lower the RMS to some degree.
So first set the RMS higher than you’re aiming for, (say-18dB, when you want -20dB),
then apply the limiter to reduce the peak values, which will bring the RMS down by 1 or 2dB.

BTW you’re blowing on the mic a bit on "P"rincess & “B"ewildered.
The pop-shield needs to be about 4” from the mic to be effective.