Avid MBox not appearing in Input / Output Dropdown lists

I think I need to install a driver so that the following options (or their Audacity 2.0.6 equivalents) appear in my output and input lists: Output (3-Avid Mbox) Input (3-Avid Mbox). Which driver should I install? Is this the issue or could it be something else? Thanks!

Avid/ProTools MBox is married to the Avid software and interface. It’s not a generic box and isn’t directly supported by Audacity. It’s possible you maybe able to find a driver combination that works. Post back if you do. Other people would like to get this combination to work.


You will have to look on the Avid site for any drivers that let your MBox work with software other than ProTools. I would suggest visiting http://www.avid.com/US/products/Mbox#Support and look for documents and links relevant to your particular version of Windows.

Or just do your recording with ProTools and edit the recording in Audacity if required.


Thanks for your responses! I downloaded the newest Avid Driver for Windows (1.1.9) and it worked like a charm.
The 3rd generation MBox downloads can be found here:

Thanks for the link, BrookeA.