avid compatible with audacity

How do i hook my mic from my avid track to the audacity

Get the Avid to export the sound track as 44100 (or 48000), 16-bit, Stereo (or Mono) WAV. That will slide right into Audacity. If you’re stuck with Avid Media (Media Composer, etc) I think you’re stuck. At one time Avid offered QuickTime Drivers and I think I have some older ones here somewhere, but that’s the only way.

You may also need QuickTime 7 and not QuickTime X. QuickTime 7 may still be available as a download. That’s the one which will translate between formats. QuickTime X is a pretty player. At one time I had QT7 with all the add-ons. We were horrified when QTX came out.