Hi isit possible to use autotune in audacity

Antares Autotune does not work well, if at all, in Audacity.
If you know how to build an application from source code, there is a pitch correction plug-in called “Auto Talent” that works well with Audacity.

If we pester the developers enough, they may be persuaded to include it as a standard effect in Audacity.

ahhh thats a no then

thanks anyways

How exactly DO you compile a ladspa plugin for windows? I read somewhere that you could just load the ladspa header file into a C++ compiler, load the source, and BAM! Compile into a .dll to use in audacity. Is it really this easy? If not, what else is required? I’m willing to do this, but just don’t know how :smiley: Any help would be appreciated.

or maybe just some info on how the “90+ ladspa plugins pack” for windows was ported over…?