autotalent ladspa plugin crashes when selecting formant cor


I’m very new to pitch and formants, but since I need to learn how to modify voices effectively, meaning not just pitch but timbre as well, I have decided to give a Autotalent try in Audacity - I have rovee and kerovee on audacity 2.0.5 in windows xp, but I had wanted to see how good a job I could do with voice modulation without having to rely on windows, we all know Linux isn’t that great plaetform when it comes to voice modulation, right?..

So, I’m using Fedora 19 86x64, as well as audacity 2.0.4 (freeworld). I have installed ladspa-autotalent-plugins-0.2-7.fc19.x86_64 using yum.

But basically, having ticked the formant correction checkbox and selected ok, audacity just vanishes… . However, I have been able to perform different types of correction with autotalent without having audacity fainting with no warning…

Does anyone have an idea about why it does that? I have of course uninstalled and reinstalled the plugin. I admit I haven’t check on my window box if that plugin gave me the same issue, but I figured I have maybe stumped onto something known already for some users here?

Thanks in advance for help

Autotalent “0.2-2” from the Ubuntu 13.10 repository does not crash Audacity 2.0.4 or latest Audacity HEAD (Ubuntu 13.10 32-bit, Formant Correction enabled).

Autotalent “0.2-3” from the Ubuntu 14.04 repository does not crash Audacity HEAD, nor does the 0.2 from (Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit, Formant Correction enabled).

Are you applying Autotalent to a specific file? What exact Formant correction settings cause the problem?

You can try compiling the Autotalent source yourself. Raise a bug report with Fedora (a backtrace from Audacity would probably help them).