autoscroll option not found

I would like to use the autoscroll option, which is mentioned in the manuscript (e.g. here:
The problem is that this options is not present in my Preferences/Interface Tab. I am using version 2.0.5, although I also checked the 2.0.6-Alpha-27 and it wasn’t there either.
My Preferences/Interface Tab looks exactly as shown in the image at the top of this this manual page:

What am I missing or doing wrong?

My apology if this question was answered before (I did try to search alls of the obvious places for the answer).

Do yourself a favour and look at the Audacity Manual for 2.0.5, not the documentation for the obsolete 1.2 version.

The Manual for the current release of Audacity is always online here: .

In 2.0.5, “Update display while playing” is on by default and is in the Tracks Preferences: .

if you got the EXE installer of 2.0.5, the Manual is installed on your computer and can be accessed in the Help menu top right.



I appreciate the answer.
As indicated in my post, I did look at the manual for the current version, but couldn’t find a mention of the autoscroll option. Yet, people seem to refer to the option in quite recent posts elsewhere (even in the discussion for the 2.0.6 Alpha version, which I also checked and didn’t find the option).

In 2.0.5, “Update display while playing” is on by default and is in the Tracks Preferences: > Audacity Manual > .

Yes, it is, and I checked the playback behavior with that option both on and off. It does not do the same thing as autoscroll. Autoscroll is supposed to keep the cursors in the middle of the screen while continuously moving the wavegraph.
Is autoscroll not available in the current version? I find it very difficult to do editing without it (after having worked with a number of sound editing programs that have that feature).

Audacity does not have that feature. I’ve added your vote for it.

I also vote for autoscroll

Vote added.