Autorun timer recording

Hello! I need to automatically start the timer recording after turning on the computer. Are there command line scripts or any arguments to run Audacity?

There is no command line argument to do that. Why not use the GUI?

I need to record on the schedule without my participation. Ok, I’ll try to record my actions in Windows for the GUI

For a one-off recording, Timer Record allows you to set what time you want the recording to start, and how long it should run for.

If you are wishing to create a repeating schedule (for example, record from 5pm to 6pm every Friday), then you will need to use other software. For example, you could use AutoHotKey to create a script that will launch Audacity, start recording, stop the recording, save or export, then close Audacity. You could then use Windows Task Scheduler to run the AutoHotKey script at 5pm every Friday (see: Task Scheduler for developers - Win32 apps | Microsoft Learn)

Thanks! I will try it