Automating Repetitive Tasks

That’s an interesting idea Trebor. I don’t know how much it would really help with this particular task, but for other repetitive tasks it could greatly simplify the Quickeys script if most of the operations were run from predefined “Chains”. (Chains can be applied either to batches of files, or to the current selection)

If nothing else for this example, the settings for each of the effects could be pre-programmed as “Chains” with a single function. “Invert and Amplify” could be combined in a chain, but I think that most (all?) of the other steps have track changes between them which cannot be done with chains.

Did you just program the steps into QuicKeys, or use the Record Me feature? I can see having to pause for some of the operations to complete, but QuicKeys has a “wait for window” step that might be useful when invoking effects - wait for effect window to open, wait for project window to come back to front, etc.

– Bill

I used the Record Me feature, then tried to run it and fixed things as I came across them.

The window feature was exactly what I wanted to use but it did not work at all. Quickeys would ignore the window opening and closing and wait. It may be that a window like the one that pops up when processing the Amplify effect is not actually considered a window… but I’m not sure. I’ve just spent way too much time experimenting and, since I got it to work with the pauses, I’m going to have to go with that… unless someone else has a solution.

Quickeys did misinterpret some of the commands. And when I typed in stuff, it just programmed them as “insert text” but I had to change it to “type text”.