Automating Noise Removal In Chain

I was reading the docs and it states that if there is no noise profile

If the Chain is applied to the current project, the current Selection is used to create the Noise Profile.

When I open a new recording and select the area for the noise profile and run my chain the entire chain including the Noise Removal only runs on the selection. (The export step does export the entire file.
Here are the steps I currently take:

  1. Open file
  2. Make selection of Noise
  3. Open Noise Removal effect
  4. Click Noise Profile Button
  5. Exit
  6. Apply chain to project.

What I’m wondering, is there a way I can reduce the steps to just this:

  1. Open File
  2. Make selection of Noise
  3. Run Chain

and have it get the noise profile from the selection and then in effect do a select all and run the remainder of the chain. The snippet from the manual makes me think this was the intended use case but I can’t figure out how to make it work.

Running Audacity 2.0.6 under Windows 7 Ultimate /64

No. Your inference from the Manual is incorrect, I will try to make it clearer for the next release.

Your steps 1 to 6 are good. Also you can’t capture the Noise Profile from the dialogue in the Chain to edit the Noise Removal parameters (although it looks as if you could do so).