automatically set specific Gain increase for new tracks?

I’m on WinXP, SP3 using Audacity 2.0.3

My USB input is a Fender GDEC 3 15.
On two XP computers, there is no adjustment for increasing the amount of sound through XP sound mixer.

It would be sweet if, when playing a track that I want to practice to, when I click record, that new track would always default to +10 or whatever I set Gain settings.

As it is I have select the whole thing and amplify or adjust the gain after the recording.

Is there any way this can be done currently or can I submit a feature request?



It’s a feature request; I can add your vote. It can be done for new recorded tracks if you can compile Audacity with a patch (or try the experimental Windows build) here .

As explained there, you’ll need to edit the audacity.cfg settings file to add a “Recording Profile”. The profile should include a “ChannelGain1” parameter with the gain value you want (-1 to 1). You will also need a “ChannelGain2” parameter for a stereo track. Then choose that profile in the input channels box in Device Toolbar .

Before then, are you running the Fender firmware ?