Automatically set a Timer Recording

Version used: 2.1.3

Hi there.

I am going to be using Audacity to record our school radio stream so that we have a recording of what is said on air, and so we have a copy of our shows. I have found the timer record function and can set up a timer record job for 24 hours. Is there a way to automatically set up another timed recording after the previous one has finished and exported or must it be done manually after every 24 hours?


Audacity makes a terrible surveillance recorder. Your requirements are an exact match.

Audacity can’t make decisions. IF end of recording, THEN start a new one.
IF the drive is full, THEN stop.

Audacity can’t start a new recording and save the old one at the same time.

Managing that much data would be a nightmare and the chances of error are very great.

Are you planning on dedicating a computer to this and nothing else? Audacity does not Play Well With Others. The forum is full of failed recordings because of software conflicts.

And those are only the reasons off the top of my head.


Google Surveillance Recorder.


It has to be done manually.

If you have an old (working) VHS video recorder, perhaps you could use that. The sound quality on VHS can be pretty good, and they have comprehensive scheduling ability.

Thank you for this detailed answer.

I’m planning on running a dedicated computer to this as, like you said, it’s a lot of data. That being said, I have found an alternative solution.
We will be using Audacity for the editing of the programs though.

Thank you to all that replied.