Automatically increasing volume

Hi I am a Windows 10 user, Audacity version 2.1.1 and I downloaded the .exe file.

I am currently trying to record a pod-cast with a friend over Skype and when I do so the “recording volume” automatically increases to the maximum. We had the same problem before, however the fix for that time (“Unchecked the Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device” in Control panel settings, then I also unchecked in Skype “Automatically adjusted microphone settings” - in audio settings tab). As stated I have tried these steps again this time to no avail.

Can anyone please assist?

People do manage to record Skype conversations as successful podcasts in Audacity, but they’re digital celebrities and their experience is not universal. The only guaranteed method is to use a separate application that “knows” how Skype works such as something from the Pamela suite or one of the free offerings.

Fair warning not to use an application that insists on recording MP3 (never do production in MP3) or one that insists on smashing both conversations into one sound file. The upper two Pamela applications, Business and Professional can record two separate WAV sound files suitable for post production.

You can also go the hardware route with two or more computers. This is a shot from the Pando Podcast.

And that’s how I did it.