Automatic Timeshift on 2nd + Track


I’ve been using Audacity for quite some time now (newest version available) and do encounter following problem:

I have downloaded something called “Voicemeeter” which seems to be a realtime EQ+COMP that monitors your voice input and changes it to certain preferences.

Now this thing happens and I’m not sure if it’s due to the program, or audacity:

I am perfectly able to record my first track without any delay or time shift, but when I already do have a first track (be it my own record or some important instrumental) the second and all following one will automatically time shift a bit vorward. even before the start so to speak.
2 Arrows also show this on the left side of the track just as if I would have done it on my own.
Now just moving the track to a later point does not work as the sound still is not on point with my first track and I would have to fondle every track into its right place.

Anyone got an idea what I could do about that? I’ve looked all over audacity help manuals without success

Using newest audacity version, Win10 64-bit. internal sound card, “virtual cable” sounddriver. everything should be properly installed.

Please see the pink panel at the top of the page and give us all three actual Audacity version numbers.

The version most users will want is 2.1.2 from You may not have 2.1.2 if you downloaded from some other site.

I think you mean shift backwards. This shift is controlled by the “Latency correction” setting in Recording Preferences.

If the latency is constant you can do a Latency Test and set the “Latency correction” to the latency observed in the test. Then your recorded tracks should synchronise automatically.