Automatic settings to mix multiple tracks with cross fading


I am wondering if there is a setting or a way to mix many tracks in Audacity with crossfading effect. I have seen in the manual how it could be done for two tracks were we align the first 10 seconds of the second track with the last 10 seconds of first track on the timeline and then apply a crossfading to the overlapping section. However, if I have 100+ tracks, this process seems very manual and tedious. Is there a way to automatically align all tracks with predetermined overlapping time duration (first 10 seconds and last 10 seconds) and then apply the same crossfading to every overlap? Thanks!


Audicity 2.2.1
Windows 10

So you’re programming restaurant background music?

Audacity has “Chains” which is its automation/batch programming system.


Not with Audacity, though there’s a post here about how to script something like that: