Automatic set overlap

I’m have just stareted using Audacity and I’m just finished editing a few songs with 5s crossfades in both ends.
Now I would like to import them all at the same time and put them in line with a given number of secound overlap. Much like the feature: Tracks->Align tracks->End to End, but just not End to End, rather “End to End with Xs overlap”.

I have been looking in the FAQ and various google/youtube searches but no luck.
Is there such feature?


No there is no automatic alignment with overlap.

However, considering what you are doing, are you aware of the “Crossfade Tracks” effect?

There is also a “Crossfade Clips” effect which may be a bit quicker to use, though less flexible:

Yeah, I know. It is Crossfade tracks I have used.
Problem now is that I have 100-200 songs I need to mate in a good way. Had hoped that there was a better way then using the Time shift tool for each signle one of them…

Well thanks agian for your reply. And I anyone figure out solution for me, please let me know.

Some media players can crossfade tracks automatically when playing (for example Foobar 2000)