"Automatic" recording and generation of many short sound snippets

I need to record several hundreds very short voice snippets, 3-5 seconds each. I need to have each of them saved in a separate file (MP3 or other format). Because of the number of recordings the process needs to be easy and very fast.

What is the quickest and best way to do it with Audacity?

Is there a way to automatically create a new file every time I start recording and then as soon as I stop recording Audacity saves automatically that snippet to a new/separate file?
(BTW, The filename is totally irrelevant, I don’t care what it saves them as, so anything is ok, like maybe with some random number as filename or a predefined filename with appended a sequential number, or anything else totally random.)

Or maybe a way to record all the sounds in a single file every x seconds so to create a silence between them (pretty straight forward) and then maybe through a plugin automatically chop the track up every x seconds and batch save all the hundreds of split snippets into separate files?

Or perhaps there is a plugin for that?

Thank you

Could have Audacity “Record on a new track”, so each recording is on a separate track

Then, when you are finished recording, use “export multiple” to save all the tracks as individual files

Could use silence finder to insert labels, then export multiple based on the labels.

Thank you Trebor! :slight_smile: