Automatic Record level

Is there a way of setting automatic record level in Audacity. I have a small religious concert in my house and I would like to record it but the output from the PA system varies a lot and I would like the recording at a consistent level. If such a facility does not exist, can anyone recoment any other freeware or shareware recorder that may have this.

Thanks / Jag

This is not a “forum issue”. Please read the “Read Me” post at the top of this page:

Automatic recording levels in software are usually achieved by simply “scaling” the input signal digitally. This is the same as recording at a low level and then amplifying the recording, though because it happens “dynamically” it introduces problems of the sound level going up and down when you don’t want it to.

The best way round the issue is to set your recording level so that it can handle the loudest sounds without distorting, then apply the Amplification effect as necessary to sections that are too quiet.

If possible, use hardware that is capable of 24 or 32 bit recording, and set the default sample depth in Audacity to 32 bit. This will allow a great deal of amplification while retaining the sound quality.

Thanks. That is very useful.