Automatic noice removal

Hello everyone.
My soundcard(lexicon alpha) generates hight pitch noise while recording.
I can get rid of that noice by noise removal filter but now I want to make task automated.
Since noise is always the same I can record noice example track once. Is there any way to make noise removal filter to use that track as noise profile and apply automatically?

You may be working too hard. Noise Removal uses one profile until you change it (as I understand the process). So it’s:

Get Profile.
Apply, etc.

Someone will drop in and tell you how to save the profile or what files to copy. I don’t know, but I think it’s possible.

However, I think we’re discussing a much more efficient bucket for bailing a leaking boat. Why are you getting noise? Does this device get its power from the USB connection? It’s convenient, but the worst possible way to get power. The 5v from the USB connection is “dirty” with hash and instability from the computer’s processing. I had one device like this and I could tell immediately when the computer hard drive spun up. I could hear it. Unless the sound device filters it (expensive and not likely) all that hash goes into your show.

Is it possible to get a wall power plug supply for your device? Highly recommended. Poof. No more noise reduction. Try a different USB connection, or try putting in a wall-powered USB Hub. Just make sure the sound device is the only thing on the hub,


Thanks for reply.

When I am not recording and listening to myself with monitors, sound is cristal clear, but if I run any recording software - there comes the noise. Noise start the moment I run audacity, windows recorder, fraps or even windows sound device manager. So any recording interferense from computer adds noise. If no recording software running there is no noise at all.
Additional info: noise present on recording, noise present with mic unplugged, noise present when I use card with windows 7 desktop or ubuntu laptop, noise level depends on Alpha hardware gain level.
At first I thought this is some sort of ground loop, but then why there no noise while monitoring without recording? It makes no sence to me.

So, yes, this noise most probably coming from ubs powering and I would be happy to get rid of it. I will try to find wall powered usb hub. Never seen them before.

Here noise example in case you can identify it.

That sounds like a laptop power supply.
If you’re using a laptop, try running on batteries.

The left channel is virtually empty (no signal above -90dB according to the Plot Spectrum analysis). The right channel, either side of the voice saying “Test”, has lots of low frequency sound (200Hz downwards) including lots of subsonics. The spectrum looks very similar to that which I get using my Zoom H4 for voice-over recordings. I applied a High-pass Filter to the right channel with the threshold set at 200Hz. There was very little change to the tonal quality of the voice, as far as my ageing ears could detect. It is possible that on a longer sample I might not have liked the result but on just this one word sample it seemed OK. Perhaps that is worth a try?

I’m pleased you are willing to stay around and work with us. Some posters just say “that’s nice” and we never hear from them again. I have to drop in and out, I’m at work but we don’t often lose a poster.

Yes, you are listening to the computer housekeeping, either the power supply or something else internal.

When I am not recording and listening to myself with monitors, sound is cristal clear, but if I run any recording software - there comes the noise.

That’s not enough words to explain what you’re doing. Leave the microphone connected but turned down. Launch Audacity and select Playthrough from the Preferences. Plug headphones into your sound card Headphone Out. Click once in the Audacity red recording meters and they will wake up in “Montior Mode.” I bet your hissy-buzz is there. No recording needed.

Scroll down to where it says, “If USB power isn’t up to the job, just plug the wall power supply in…” Somebody in our shop found a smaller one with external power and we used it to get a USB micophone out of trouble. You May Not plug anything else in to the hub. That causes immediate problems.


I tryed this with partial success. Noise stil present with adapter unplugged but gets away if I play a litl with usb plug. I get the same noise on laptop and desktop.

By monitoring I meant ability of Lexicon Alpha to send signal stright from input to the output.
I tryed using audacity the way you described and got the same noise just a bit quiter.

I only got chinees brands available in nearby shops, like GiNZZU GR-487UAB, I never worked with them before. I guess I have to try.

At some samples your solution work better then noise removal because latter while removing most of the noise sometimes leaves annoing metallic bits in parts filled with voice.
But if I continue to use, for example, compressor after hight pass filter, noise seems to come back. I am a bit confused. Have to read more on matter.

Thank you for showing me one more way to deal with it!

Tryed using wall powered usb-hub given me by my friend. Sadly it didnt solve the problem.
Next step I guess is to try and find what might be cousing ground loop. Not sure how much time it will take.