automatic hum removal for speech

Hi, can I do automatic hum removal from speech recordings spoiled by an air conditioner running in the background? The audio has lots of “silence” when the speaker is quiet but the hum is present. So I want to automatically find the quietest few seconds of the recording which will be pure hum as the noise sample. I would like to do this with a Windows batch or command file. I don’t mind doing a bit of customization of the Audacity sources if that is what it takes.

Have you tried the Noise Removal tool? It doesn’t sound like you have. It appears terrific reading outside of the box, but when you get it home you find it has to be tuned not only for each profile, but each application, too.

“How come Noise Removal makes my voice sound honky and bubbly when I get the noise low enough?”


I have tried the noise removal tool and it works fine. The hum is very steady so I guess that helps to remove it. I am just lazy to do it for each file.

We don’t have a good feel for the shows. You have multiple shows with exactly the same hum? In that case you won’t need the automated Profile Capture. I think you can get Chains to apply Noise Removal right now without further programming.

If you have multiple different shows with different content and different hums, then that’s a major programming task.


Thank you, I will try that. It should be the same hum in all recordings as microphone settings and position did not change and the air conditioner making the hum was always on.