Automatic filename for MP3 export

I am a regular and long time user of Audacity. I have installed Audacity on a computer of a blind man who records radio programs and lp’s with it.
In the program which he used to use (and has some strange behaviour on his new PC) I had setup to use a default filename of “systemdate_systemtime.mp3”. Like is now available for the name of a track.
Is it possible to use that instead of “noname.mp3”?

It is not currently possible for users to configure a default export file name. That would require a modification to Audacity’s C++ code.

The Audacity developers no longer visit this forum, so they are unlikely to see this feature request. I’ve asked LWinterberg on Audacity’s discord where feature requests should be posted. (I think you will need to be logged into discord to view this link: Discord)