Automatic Fade In on Playback?

Hello all,

I’m recently updated my old (not sure the version number) of Audacity on my laptop to Audacity 2.3.3 (on a MacBook Pro running 10.14.4).

I’ve noticed that if I’m playing back audio, the first few milliseconds are faded in, regardless of the contents of the audio.

I primarily use Audacity for trimming down samples after exported them from another DAW as I like Audacity’s simplicity here, so I’ve gotten used to trimming down the beginning of a sample down to the last empty samples and then monitoring the edit to see how it sounds.

At the moment if I do that I don’t hear the transient anymore because Audacity seems to apply something like a 5-10ms fade on all audio playback.

I looked through the preferences and didn’t see any settings for this behavior.

Is this normal/intended behavior?
Is it possible to modify in some way?
If not, at what point was that change made so I can download the last version that behaved that way since this additional “feature” nullifies the usefulness of Audacity for me.
(and/or is it possible to make a feature request for this behavior, if the default fade is intended behavior)

It’s called “Micro-fades” and it’s in Playback Preferences.
– Bill

Ah great. I didn’t see it on 2.3.0, but after updating to 2.3.2 I see it.