Automatic Exporting of Audio

Does anyone know whether it is possible to create a macro instruction or a Nyquist script which exports all the audio of the currently open project into a stereo 16-bit .wav file in the same destination as the open project? The .wav file should have the same name as the project.

Would it not be easier to do it manually via mix and render (TRACK / MIX / MIX and RENDER) then EXPORT as a wav file and choose any location.

I know its not an answer to your query, but the manual workflow only involves several steps.

There are a lot of projects which I wanted to export into .wav files. Therefore, it would be more convenient to use a macro instruction or a Nyquist script.

I think what your driving at is a batch conversion (as macros used to be known as).

I would suggest keep an eye on this forum, because eventually, someone who has an expertise in this area will respond and tell you exactly how its done.

Sorry that I wasn’t much help - good luck

You could modify this plug-in: Legacy macro-output folder
and then create a keyboard shortcut to run your modified plug-in.

Thank you. I have reverted back to Audacity 2.3.2 because its compressor command did not malfunction and the program was able to read uncompressed files instantly. The plugin in the link is said to work with versions starting with 3.0.0. And I also do not know how to edit .ny files. Perhaps I will have to export all the files manually if there is no quicker way.

Hopefully that will be fixed soon.

Yes, it requires some features that are not available in older versions.

When you eventually update to a new version, if you need help modifying that plug-in, feel free to start a new topic on the “New Plug-ins” board: New Plug-Ins - Audacity Forum

Thank you. When there are a number of routine keyboard or mouse keystrokes which have to be made, I use AutoHotkey which automatizes the process. So it can be used in conjunction with Audacity to perform the same operations many times.