Automatic database backup failed 3.3.3

I am editing audio on a work computer that was recently transitioned to “cloud based” storage. Now when I try to cut/copy/paste audio sections within a project Audacity locks up and the “Automatic database backup failed.” warning box appears. Could anyone help me “reset” where the program “temporarily saves” audio pieces that has been cut to a local drive?

I think that will help eliminate the problem.
Thanks in advance for any help!!

I would start with the person who did this transitioning for you.

Audacity doesn’t do well with drives other than the internal one. It assumes any drive it can see can be used for any job it has including critical, difficult ones.

You may have just transitioned out of Audacity.


Just got off the phone with IT - we were able to save the file to the C drive that doesn’t back up to the cloud and now everything is GREAT! Thanks all

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