Automatic Crash Recovery

There are 2 items that will not delete. One says New Project and A bunch of numbers, the other says Repair. How can I clear the Crash Recovery box when the Discard Selected option doesn’t do it? Also, I still haven’t figured out why there’s no signal to Record. The Monitor Level shows no signal, but everything on the E MU side is normal. Please help, as this has been A lengthy downtime. Windows 7 Latest Audacity (I think)

Yes, it is Audacity 3.1.3

So I would first try rebooting to insure that you don’t have a phantom version of Audacity running somewhere.

Then I would try clearing out the contents of Audacity’s Temporary Files Directory. The name of this directory is stored in Audacity at Edit > Preferences > Directories and for Windows is usually: C:\WIndows\Users<your name>\AppData\Local\Audacity\SessionData.

Note that AppData is a hidden folder, so if you haven’t already, you may have to ask Windows File Manager to show hidden files.

Thanks. That didn’t work but I found an older version that starts clean, but still no signal, I thought for sure this older version would work, but no such luck.

If you haven’t already done so, you could check with Control Panel and/or mmsys.cpl to see if the device was disabled. Also check Microphone permissions.

Since you are using an older multi-channel device and you said it was working before, consider that it was working under WDM-KS which appeared in Audacity with 2.0.4, but was dropped immediately because it caused crashes on some machines. I see 2.0.0 and 2.0.6 here: Old Audacity versions download, but can’t find the other. You could search around on the web for 2.0.4 but be careful to avoid adware or spyware which might be attached.