Automatic Crash Recovery Seems to Work Well


I had to take advantage of the Automatic Crash Recovery on a project and it brought me back to exactly where I was when it crashed.

I was just wondering how often Audacity takes a “snapshot” of the work area in order to be able to do this?



Hi Mike,

glad that worked OK for you, and many thanks for the report much appreciated.

We did a a lot of QA testing on the Recovery - I particularly like that you no longer get the scary messages about missing blocks or orphan blocks asking you what you want to do with them - now Audacity just handles all that for you.

I’ve just emailed the developer who implemented Unitary Project to ask him that question.


Thanks Peter,

Just an FYI in case you are tracking things.

When the crash occurred I was doing some spectral editing and I had just selected a section of the spectrum and I used an assigned keyboard shortcut to execute the spectral edit multi-tool command. I believe I did not have an upper or lower bound on the selection so I think it attempted to execute a notch filter on the selected frequency. I have done this many times under 3.0.0 with no problems so I don’t believe it was that particular command that caused my crash. But in case you are tracking, that is what was going on.


Hi Mike,

I just tried but I can’t reproduce this crash (on W10) with the steps you describe.


It’s a per “action” basis, not a timer basis. Any action that modifies the project file will take a snapshot (we call it “autosave”). Several other do as well. Basically, anything you do that adds an entry to “View → History” will have created a snapshot.

Thanks Leland, that’s good to know!