Automatic Crash Recovery disabled? Or, why is it not happening?

Please help. I’ve been using Audacity since 1.x and have greatly appreciated the Automatic Crash Recovery feature.

However, after two recent installs of 3.1.3, it seems the feature has disappeared or isn’t working.

This morning, after finding Windows had apparently restarted overnight after an update, I launched Audacity, expecting my open projects would be recovered. Instead, there’s nothing but a new project window, with no Automatic Crash Recovery offerings.

Is it possible that Automatic Crash Recovery is turned off, such that I need to enable it somewhere? I looked through the Preferences and found nothing, and no mention in the FAQ or elsewhere online.

I think the issue is that Audacity does not perceive a computer shutdown as a crash. Some other programs I use such as a certain browser and certain office tools seem to recover properly after such an update shutdown.

I believe Windows used to have a control that would force Windows to ask you prior to an update. When I looked just now, I see all you can do is block it from an automatic update during the next 35 days from when you set it. You’ll have to keep refreshing this setting every month.

Issue reported to developers. See:

The developers replied:

This is quite odd, I have checked, and Audacity uses persistent location to
store the temp files by default.

Perhaps this is a one-off. Has anyone else lost their Audacity 3.1.3 work due to a Windows Update?

Thanks for the replies.

For what it’s worth, Audacity crashed today and, when I relaunched, it offered to recover the unsaved projects.

So, for me at least, the problem occurs only when the entire system goes down. (When Audacity itself crashes, all is well.) And it’s happened on a couple different occasions recently.