Automated process

Hello, i am not new in Audacity, but i’m new on this forum so sorry if i duplicated this topic, i just don’t know how to search 4 this… Anyway, is it possible to automate volume process like on screenshot? I think that screenshot explained itself, if someone out there is willing to help, i would be grateful :slight_smile: All the best, Vladimir.

I’m not clear exactly what you are trying to automate. Please try and explain what you have already done to get to the state that you show. Also try and explain what else you would like to be able to do.

thanks for reply.
It’s “Envelope Tool” but i use “Multi tool” - it’s the same. Goal with this is that when there’s no more text (file that is up) - music volume (file beneath) rises and stays like that to the next word, then lower (fades) again to maybe -18db… sometimes i have large file (20 - 30 minutes) and it’s quite frustrating rising and lowering volume, because sometimes there are small pauses and my eyes hurts often… I assume that “automation” should recognize end of the word and find beginning of muted section (or set threshold) and rises volume to db provided, and then find end of muted section and begin to lower volume to db provided, with fade length option, and minimum muted section length option. For example “If muted section is not smaller than 2 seconds, rise the volume to -6db at the beginning and lower to -18 at the end, with 0.5sec fade length”. Maybe there is some plugin but i don’t know how to search for it… Thanks :slight_smile:)

Auto Duck ? …

LOL i can’t believe it… I could not find it because of name :laughing: Thanks Trebor, thank you very much :slight_smile:
Many thanks to PGA too :slight_smile:

there’s only one minor thing btw… why is “pause” option set to maximum? it’s confusing… What if i want to “duck” pauses with 2 and 4 secs in one file? isn’t more practical for this plugin to have that option set to “minimum”, or there is a catch? anyway, I’ve tested it - i love it :wink:

The “Pause” setting is to prevent the volume from “wobbling” during brief pauses (for example, between words). It sets the maximum length of quiet bits that will be ignored by the effect.
For more information, see here:

yes, that’s exactly what i meant :slight_smile:

Using SoundForge for many years causes this confusion :laughing: Thanks, i’ve learned something today :slight_smile:

uhm… one more thing… It’s too slow… I wonder if there is a way to do the same but with envelope method - not changing file physically… :cry:
Or, if someone have an idea how to speed it up, please share that info with me :slight_smile: