Automated detach for silence works but not export


Iam using 2.0.1 on a MBP and recording works fine so far, dividing tracks by using" detach for silence" creates bright and darker areas but how can I export the single files from that??
(Tracks are recorded from minidisc and MD creates a 3 second silence between each track (recorded optical) )

→ On Multiple exports he tells me that this does not work? By I can I convert the selection or label track or what needed to export the found sections into single files? E.g. Paste text to new label creates onlz one long file… :question:

Use Analyze > Silence Finder instead of “Detach at Silences”. Silence Finder will label the silences, then you can use Export Multiple.

See .



thanks for the feedback but under Analyze I only have:

  • Contrast
  • Plot Spectrum
  • Find clipping

Is a plugin missing?

The plug-ins you are missing are “Nyquist” plug-ins. Do you get a warning when you launch Audacity that Nyquist Plug-ins will not be available?

If not, click Audacity > Preferences, then Effects on the left, put a checkmark by “Nyquist”, click OK then restart Audacity.