Automated aligning audio tracks with timings for dubbing scr

We have a some screen casts that need to be dubbed to various languages for which we have script for the target language like:

Begining Time | Audio Narration

0:0 | blah nao lorep iposm…

1:20 | xao dok dkjv dwv…

We can record each of the above units seperately and then align it at the proper begining times as mentioned in the above script. How can we use the audacity api to program such a system which allows us to align these audio units based on the times provided?



Input the N timing values: 0:0,1:20 … Then input the N audio recordings


Audio recordings aligned to the above timings. An overflow should be detected by the system individually whereas an underflow is padded by silence.

Just so I understand, you want to present an Edit Decision List (edl) to Audacity, press Go, and then drink coffee (or tea).

I think doing what you want to do would be difficult even if you were doing it carefully by hand.