Could I get help re interpreting the scales on the autocorrelation graph? Thanks.

Give us a push.

Analyze > what? How did you get there?


Using Aud 1.3.13 beta. Imported a speech clip and am looking for significant (large amplitude) frequencies that would characterize the speaker.
Steps are:
Analyse_Plot spectrum_Algorithm window_Enhanced autocorrelation.
Output states:
Peak at 0.0023sec 438htz
The scales on the axes puzzle me. What is the horizontal axis measuring, is it the time delay between the 2 series that are being correlated or what?
Then the vertical axis. Scale is from -0.0_0.10. My peak was 0.10, but as max. correlation is 1.0, I can’t see any big big deal in a correlation of just 0.1.
I would be grateful if I could be straightened out with these issues, or pointed to another way of getting my ‘characterizing frequencies’. Thanks.