Auto Start/Stop recording based on levels

Hi. I was just wondering if there was a feature or plugin that can be used with Audacity so I can set it going, and as soon as it detects sound, it will start recording, and will stop recording when it hears a section of silence (say 5 seconds)

My main aim is to record everything that I play on my turntables, but without recording minutes, or even hours of silence in between mixes, and without having to manually start/stop audacity.


See “Sound Activated Recording” this page in the manual:


There is, but it’s fairly basic.
You set a threshold level - when the sound goes over that level it starts recording and when it drops below that level recording stops.
You need to set the level quite accurately - too low and it will record when you don’t want it to, too high and it will cut off the start, end and any quiet bits.
See “Sound Activated Recording” in the manual: