Auto split dialogue file, no cut in 1/2 words?

Hi there…

I am looking for a way to take a large wave file of a voice recording and cut it up and save it into smaller sections with out actually cutting words in half.

  • I have a 30 min file of recorded dialouge
  • The plugin / script / filter analyses that wave and splits it into 5 minuet sections.
  • During the Analysis it detects when there is no sound (say amplitude or something) and makes the cut there so it doesn’t actually split any words. Making the best cut to fit the 5 min setting, even if slightly over or under.
  • Save the files in a ordered list.

Dose anything like that exist?

So you want to split it into 6 x 5 minute sections?
Easiest way is to zoom out so that you can see the full 30 minutes and put “labels” at approximately 5 minute intervals. Then zoom in a bit on each label and drag it (click and drag the “o” in the label stem) so that it falls in line with a quiet part of the recording. Then use “Export Multiple” (based on labels) to export each section as a separate file. (once you know how to do this, it is quicker than the time it has taken me to type this :wink:)

I have a 30 min file of recorded dialouge

Can we assume you have many hundreds of these and that’s why you’re not doing it manually? I can think of ways to do it quickly by hand, too.


Not only many of them… but they are often long as well. I am only using the 30min thing as an example. I thought there might be a way using some kind of amplitude gate or something to automatically set the break points?

Gates are notoriously unreliable. Ask anybody that has ever tried to automatically split a phonograph recording into songs.

That wouldn’t work for you anyway, because there’s no way to steer a gate to the five minute mark that I know of.


Does the attached help? It is an experimental improvement by Steve to the existing Sound Finder. It can set a minimum (but not a maximum) label length for the detected areas of sound. You will then have to Export Multiple manually based on the created labels.

See for how to install Nyquist plugins.

soundFinder-New3.ny (5.98 KB)

interesting.,… thanks man… I’ll give it a shot.

Also, is there a way to completely disable the “meta” window on save… At the moment when saving all the labels as individual files… you need to press enter a zillion times to skip that window.

You can disable the Metadata from opening on Export in Preferences:
“Edit menu > Preferences > Import/Export: Show Metadata Editor prior to export step”