Auto save for online recording

Hi guys. New to the forum. I need your help on an issue.
I need to record my radio station 24 x 7. Audacity can do that but it would be
helpful if i could automaticaly save a record on a specific time period.
Or by size of a file.
Does Audacity give me that possibility?
Thanks in advance.

You want time of day and time stamps, too, right? You really want a surveillance recorder instead of trying to force Audacity to do it. Maybe someone could write something. The only way I know to get time is to invest in SMPTE Time Code equipment. That’s not cheap and you still won’t get day/month/year unless you manually enter them.

Are you going to devote a PC to just doing this? The instant you open anything that conflicts with Audacity tools and services, I bet it either crashes or stops recording.

Far better to use a surveillance recorder with file management, time, date, auto cycling, priority and all that stuff built in.