Auto Save Corrupted...

Audacity 2.0.3
Windows 8
My laptop crashed during the process of recording some audio. I am now left with the following error upon the automatic recovery of the file:
Error: well-formed (invalid token) at line 3679

There is no saved project file, but however there are three autosaved files in

I have attached the autosaved files and error logs, can anyone help?
New Project - 2013-10-03 21-19-51 N-7.autosave (209 KB)
New Project - 2013-10-04 01-09-39 N-1.autosave (843 KB)
New Project - 2013-10-04 01-09-47 N-2.autosave (460 Bytes)
logs.txt (149 KB)

I’ve attached a corrected version of “New Project - 2013-10-03 21-19-51 N-7.autosave” which should not have the token error. It just wanted the empty line with at the end to be deleted.

I suggest you make a copy of the “project6251” folder in “C:UsersApolloAppDataLocalTempaudacity_temp” and move the copy to your desktop. This is because the log seems to think that some of the files in the “project6251” folder are “orphans” (not listed in the autosave file) when they are listed there.

Then I suggest you rename the other two .autosave files to “.autosav” (just remove the final “e”) so that Audacity only loads “New Project - 2013-10-03 21-19-51 N-7.autosave”.

If there are any errors when you recover “New Project - 2013-10-03 21-19-51 N-7.autosave”, choose the options to work around or ignore them - don’t choose to delete or silence files. If the audio looks and sounds OK (play it all), then File > Export it as WAV.

If the recovered audio is not correct, please attach the log again.

New Project - 2013-10-03 21-19-51 N-7.autosave (207 KB)