Auto Recovery not working

Hi, I was recording a gaming session with friends and my computer blue screened. When i tried to recover the file it gave me the invalid token error. After reading around the forums, I made a copy of the file, deleted the NUL and reduntant tag and then got a different error “project check found inconsistencies during automatic recovery” so I’m attaching the original file, the help log, and hoping someone will be able to help me out. I would hate to have lost the file. Thank you for your time.
New Project - 2014-09-16 20-15-18 N-1.autosave (212 KB)
log.txt (1.94 KB)

That is a hardware or driver issue, not an Audacity problem. Audacity does not have kernel privileges to shut the system down. I recommend looking at Why does the computer reboot or show a blue screen message when I play or record in Audacity? .

Thanks for researching it. However if there is a problem it would be better to attach the repaired AUTOSAVE file and new log.

The old log only shows one orphan block file which Audacity plans to delete. In case there was something wrong with your repair, I attach another repaired AUTOSAVE file.

What exactly is wrong with the recovered audio? Is it all flat lined?

New Project - 2014-09-16 20-15-18 N-1.autosave (212 KB)

I don’t have access to my computer right now, but yes, it is just a flat line.