Auto-Recovered File Has Flatlined Audio

Hi there! So I know that similar situations have been addressed on these forums in the past, usually to no avail, but I figured I’d post my specific scenario on the slim chance that there’s any hope of salvaging my project, as I’m admittedly an Audacity novice and y’all probably know a lot better than I do. Anyway:

While I was editing a podcast, Audacity crashed. Upon re-opening the file, Audacity offered to load a recovered version. However, the recovered version had flatlines instead of the usual waveforms. All my tracks were there, and I could see where cuts had been made, etc, but the audio itself was completely gone. I closed the file without saving, intending to just reopen my most recent save of the file (now that I’ve read the forums a bit, I know this was a bad idea, and I should’ve force quit instead of just closing, but I didn’t know that at the time). Upon re-opening the file, the audio is still flatlines, and I don’t seem to have the option of reverting to a previous save. In the _data folder, all of the little .au clips also appear to be completely silent (there are hundreds of them, but they all appear to be silent when opened with Audacity).

I still have all of my raw audio backed up, so it’s not a total loss. However, starting the editing process over will mean I’ve wasted several full days of editing. Is there any hope of recovering my work, or should I cut my losses and start over? Any assistance greatly appreciated - thank you in advance!

Note: running Audacity 2.4.2 on Mac OS 10.13.6

I think it’s time to cut your losses and start over. The silent AU files is a strong sign that recovery will not be possible.