Auto recording, auto name, repeat

I have a project where the steps are as follows:
We wait approx 5 seconds for loud sound to quiet down;
then record 30 seconds; save audio file. Then wait approx 45 seconds for loud sound to settle down and continue.
We do this anywhere from 100-300 station stops.
Looking for a plugin or help in automating this procedure; where the software will;
wait until sound is below a db level (as opposed to above), auto save each station uniquely .
Any suggestions or direction appreciated.


Audacity can’t do that.

You could record the whole thing, then delete the parts that you don’t want, otherwise I think you need to look for different software.

Cannot be done with Nyquist? In real-time? As post processing the entire recording?

Earlier I have requested for a second script system because I have kept Nyquist pure flow system. Why Nyquist cannot be used in this application?

I expect it would be possible to export the “not loud” parts as separate files, but NOT in real-time, only AFTER the recording is completed.