auto monitoring on start up?

I want to set up a small low power linux computer as an audio compressor. I found a free java audio compressor and Audacity, both do an ok job at compressing the audio, but both also seem to lack the essential ability to auto turn on monitoring after start up. After contacting the writer of the java package to no avail, Audacity seems to lack this as well. Please tell me this isn’t true and I didn’t read the faqs/manuals well enough. Needless to say I need this to turn on automatically so I can use a small raspberry as an audio compressor, hidden at the back of my av system.

Can this be done?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Audacity doesn’t do anything in real time except maybe a timer for auto record. It’s a Post Production Audio Editor.

Real time effects and processing is a Frequently Requested Feature.


You can look for a “real time VST host” which would support a variety of VST plug-ins. But, I don’t know what you’ll find for Linux. …I found a couple of possibilities on [u]this page[/u] (about half way down the page, or search the page for “Linux”).

Or, you can [u]buy a compressor[/u] for less than $150 USD.