Auto metadata title in 1.3?

In 1.2.6, I would export multiple tracks, setting the filename as "Lecture Title track no. " and it would fill in the track no. consecutively, and set the metadata title to the same thing. In 1.3 this doesn’t work. I don’t have time to edit the metadata for each track of the lecture, again and again! (we have many lectures in our database). Can one set this to make the title automatic as in 1.2?

Thanks for your help.

I’m using Audacity 1.3.7 on Linux and this does work.

Kindly check if your metadata contains the track number in the title. If I do the automatic export, I get the title without the “track no xx” part, which causes a problem with verifying the order on a cd burn.
Thanks. --D

The file names can be numbered by selecting that option in the Export Multiple dialogue.
The track title are as set in the meta-data according to the label name (in the “Tile” field)
The track numbers in the meta-data are sequential (in the “Track Number” field)

The track number does not get appended to the track title. If you require that, then you need to add numbers to the labels.

OK, thanks again for your help. Now I understand it. The help provided here is invaluable, and makes it possible for us to use Audacity in a professional way.