Auto Logout

How long does it take for the system to log me out automatically? It’s generally enough time to do whatever I need, but it would be good to know.


I do not if it is hint for your question, neither I know the precise time,
but I guess that while lazy post edit, after about half an hour (between 20’ and 60’ say), I get “your form was invalid”
and have to press Preview once more. With auto-log-in that does not worry me.
(Even without auto-log-in, I think you would be asked for password and got to editor back (?))

Perhaps it has to be distniguished from “On line” mark pressented to other users,
I would guess/wish that should go of after about 5 or 10 minutes from last click.


How do you automatically log in? I enter my name and password every time.


Use Firefox
On log-in screen select “Log me on automatically each visit”
Enter user name and password and click “Log In”
When prompted by Firefox, select “Remember password”

Pretty much the same in Opera, but don’t know about IE or Safari.

I use IE 7 and auto-login-works. Make the check as appropriate and let IE remember the correct password.

Gets reseted on some actions (coockie delete?, deletions in Documents_and_Settings?).
Forum has several login screens. Correct password has to be remembered for each separately
. . (means you might need writing the password and checking the option several times)
There might be two mechanisms - server side (using coockies) and IE7 side (password remembereing) - and I have no idea which one I actually use. Or both?
When you change or forget password, it gets messy. Just try going trough.