Auto Logout Timer?

Not all of my answers fit in the alloted time before auto disconnect.

It just did it to me again. I was explaining something when the forum quietly logged me out. Of course, I didn’t know that until I tried to post. The screen clears (efficiently flushing all my work) and tells me to log in to post on the forum. Well, darn (not my exact words) I really wish the posting time window was longer. Sometimes I need to start another computer or in one case, go out to the garage to find an answer.


Workaround: try selecting the whole of your text from time to time and putting it into the paste buffer (I’m a Windows person: we do it with the Ctrl-C copy shortcut - I assume there’s something similar in MACland).

I do this cos I’m forever hitting the Ctrl key rather than the shift key when I sign my posts - and the inadvertent Ctrl-W closes down the Audacity forum session !!


I do that. In Mac land, it’s Select All, Apple-C. The only time I don’t do that is when I’m so engrossed in a long complicated answer that I forget. Three guesses when it times out?

This is actually a Design/Engineering problem frequently encountered by nearsighted programmers. The persons most likely to provide complete and accurate answers to questions are punished.

There’s a list of those. The human interface that is exactly the same for two conditions: perfect health and completely broken, etc. etc. I wonder if there’s a internet list anywhere.

I wonder what I would call it…


The one that would always break me up when running teams of n/s programmers - was the way they insist on testing a web or networked application on a big server sat next to their desk - amd then wonder why the performance goes down the tubes when used by real users in real life over the net … (sounds of hair being pulled out - grrrr …)


I know how that works. If you have to worry about slow connections while you’re designing programs, you could retire writing simple source code. However, you do need to test it in real world before you release it.

High Speed Connections are addictive according to the DSM, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.