Auto adjust - looping

I’ve had a video (approx) 52 seconds long with music that about 2m40+ seconds.

In Canva, you can import music to a video created on Canva (or uploaded, as I’ve been informed) so the audio auto adjusts to the length of the video.

Manually, you can choose which “section” of the music you’d like the video to start looping.

So, say you wanted the crescendo to start at the beginning of the video (just for comedy sake) or you wanted to take one of the guitar riffs in the middle of music, you can just move a slider so that guitar riff opens your video and then loops.

Can Audacity do any of that (as easily)?

Thank you.

Audacity is not a video editor.

“Shift + Play” will loop play the current selection, or loop play the entire project if no audio is selected.
As jademan wrote, Audacity is an audio editor and does not support video.