Aurora module for Windows 10


I need help installing the Aurora module in the latest version of Audacity.
Where do i need to copy the .dll files of aurora as a separate folder named ‘modules’ is not present in windows 10’s audacity directory.

If you are referring to Angelo Farina’s “Aurora module”, then you probably need to ask Angelo (check the website where you obtained the module for contact / support information). It may require an old or modified version of Audacity.

Have a look at

Please note that the “special version of the Audacity 2.0.0 executable, recompiled with ASIO support” violates Steinberg’s ASIO license if they distribute this special build with the full source code, and violates Audacity’s open source GPL license if distributed without the full source code. Steinberg specifically require that anyone using their ASIO SDK signs a non-disclosure agreement, and GPL v2 open source software specifically requires that the source code is freely available in full. For more information, see: Missing features - Audacity Support