.aup project reading wrong data file

Hi there,

I am recording an audiobook, with each chapter saved as a raw .aup file after recording. Once I edit, I export as .wav for safety and .mp3 for submission to audible. I’ve now realized I should save those “raw” files as .wav files too in case the .aup file has problems. So I’ll do that going forward.

But now I need help fixing a specific file that I don’t have a backup .wav file for.

When I try to open a file named Whispers_Chapter_9_RAW.aup, I get this error message: https://www.screencast.com/t/4WVqabrn4zh - It appears to be trying to read the chapter 10 file.

Here are the files as they show up in Finder: https://www.screencast.com/t/2MlAPOORvF

Here is where I THINK things may have gone awry. When I first saved the Chapter 9 file, I mistakenly named it Chapter 10. I then renamed that file to Chapter 9. I don’t recall if I renamed the data file also. But that’s the only reason I can think of that would make it try to read the Chapter 10 data file.

I’m totally stumped on how to get this .aup file to read the correct data file - am I screwed? Appreciate any help!!

Audacity 2.2.1
Mac 0Sx 10.13.1

You can’t rename Project files or folders outside of Audacity. The show name is burned into the AUP file.

Control-Click the AUP file > Open With > TextEdit.

Look down through all the XML programming to where it says projname=". That’s the show name you made when the show was saved. Both the AUP and the _DATA have to be named the same thing.

Given your error, it may be possible to just shuffle the names to where they’re supposed to be.

And yes, when you get one good recording, export as WAV first. Then it doesn’t matter what else you do. This may not work if the show goes over about three hours. Audacity doesn’t make a very good surveillance recorder.


I am recording an audiobook

For ACX? First One? We have some tools to help you along if you are.


Tried what you suggested, now it does appear to be trying to read the correct file but it’s the same error message. https://www.screencast.com/t/DgvrtFO5cRE2

Wonder if it just got interrupted while saving or something :cry:

And yes! It is my first audiobook with ACX, I’ve been using your tools with great success so far! Following the guidance in topic “Audiobook Mastering version 4”. So far nothing’s been getting rejected and I think it sounds pretty good. Really appreciate all the tools and guidance here.

You may be reading that one again. Block Files are little six second chunks of sound that make up your show. 212 missing files means you have 21 minutes of missing sound.

It’s a damaged _DATA folder. No good way to tell what happened. This is why we strongly recommend exporting a WAV of a raw reading and then another one post production just before you post the MP3 that ACX likes.

Unless you’re working with layers, multiple tracks and other complex special effects, there’s no reason to use Audacity Projects.


“Audiobook Mastering version 4”.

There are some tiny upgrades to the forum version of that. I upgraded some of the graphics and corrected an instruction. You can’t “select the whole track by clicking just above MUTE” any more. That’s not possible in Audacity 2.2.1. You can select the whole track by clicking just right of the up arrow button.


Ah, I was afraid of that. Appreciate the help and diagnosis!