.aup files play 5 secs only... if at all

I have OS X 10.6.8 and Aud 2.x

2 problems…

  1. Mixes were done in V 1.2.3 … when I bring them up in that version they will only play 5 seconds of the mix. The rest …the wave form is visable but there’s only silence.

  2. The mixes will not play at all in 2.x. Says audio files are missing. If the mix can play for at least 5 seconds in 1.2.3 how can that be?

I had moved the original files to an external drive but copied them back to the Mac AS THEY WERE before being moved.

HELP PLEASE! Thank you

This problem may have nothing to do with the Audacity version. When Audacity creates a show with your music files in it, the older default was to not make personal, internal copies of the music. When Audacity got to the place in the timeline when it needed the music, it went out and got it – and then put it back when it was done.

If you no longer have the original music files, then those places in the show will be missing. The blue waves on the timeline are created from a graphic file, so they can get seriously out of step with the actual show.

It’s worse than that. The music files have to not only be there, but they have to be in the exact same directory they were in when you made the show. Changing computers will seriously mess with that.

The AUP file is a text file and you can open it up in a word processor and read it. Here’s a very simple sample.


This one has been stretched out to look good on your screen. If you scroll down to the “aliasfile” entries, that’s where my music file was when I made the show. You can scroll down in your own AUP file and find out where your music went.

If you no longer have the music files, then that’s the end of your show. No version of Audacity will bring it back.

I don’t think we do it that way any more.