AUP Files Blank


Hopefully someone can help me because otherwise I just lost a ton of work. I just upgraded my OS to Catalina and got the newest version of Audacity (2.3.3) to make it compatible (I’m aware of the mic bug, but at least this is the version that will open on Catalina). But when I went to open an AUP file to work on it, the audio is completely blank. The time codes are still there, meaning there is some type of data for how long the audio is but there’s no sound. I still have all of the project data files saved in the same place as before, so is there a way to reconnect them to the AUP file or is there another workaround?

Much appreciated!

The AUP file and its associated _data folder must be in the same location. Did you move one of them? Did you rename the _data folder?

Open the project, then go to Help > Diagnostics > Show Log. Select the entire contents of the log window, right-click on the contents and select Copy. Paste the log contents into a message here.

– Bill

Hello Bill!

My apologies, it looks like the situation resolved itself. I had been trying to open the file directly by double clicking on the AUP. Once I used File > Open, the AUP opened correctly and now opens fine both ways. Jumped the gun instead of trying the simple things first.

My mistake, but I appreciate your help!