.aup files and their local

I have a directory where i keep the projects that i’m working on,
however every now and then i feel that i could probably benefit from starting the projects.
i’d like to be able to move the project to a different directory,
but i’m not sure if this would work since audacity stores the information for each project in the project data folders.
How does audacity go about accessing the data? Does it looking in the working directory.
or the subdirectories? or is it more titlle specific?
If i move both the project data folders and the .aup file to a different directoruy will this disturb or disrupt audacity?
or will it be fine?

I’m going to get in trouble here, but I think if you move the AUP file and the _DATA folder to the same place, double clicking the AUP file should open the show. Do Not change the names of the files or folders and Do Not split them in different folders.

The AUP file goes looking in the current directory for a folder named the same that it is. If it doesn’t find it, it gives up.

The show name is burned into the AUP file. So everything has to match.