AUP File Won't Open

I just recorded a segment for my podcast but when I go to open the aup file I get a message saying this is an audacity project file and that I need to use the File/Open command in audacity to open…this is exactly what I am trying to do!

The aup file has data in it and audacity is opening other aup files I have.

Any suggestions… this is a big file that I can’t afford to lose! Thanks!

My guess is that the AUP file is damaged / corrupted. This can happen if the computer shuts down while the project is still being written to disk.
If you attach the AUP file to your reply, we can take a look to see if it is damaged / corrupted. See here for how to attach a file to your reply:

Thanks so much for the quick response. Files is attached…
DMR_The Return_Pt 2.aup (108 KB)

Side note – it is saved as an iTunes files (although still aup) because I was fooling around trying to get it to work and when I tried to open the file with itunes it was converted and I couldn’t see how to change it back.

Although the file is 100 kB it only contains NULL values. It is corrupted beyond use. Be sure not to shut down the computer or close the lid before the project is saved.

If you have a backup WAV file of the project, use that instead.

If you have no backup, then as long as it is the raw recording and you never edited it, you can recover the recording using this procedure:


Unfortunately the file is corrupt.
If you open it in NotePad it will probably appear completely empty, though as can be seen from the file size that is not actually true. The file is full of “NULL” characters.
If the project was an unedited recording, then there is a (slim) chance that it may be possible to recover some or all of the data. See here for information about manual recovery:

Only Audacity can open AUP files. You should never attempt to “convert” the file in other software.


Only Audacity can open Audacity projects.
To create a normal audio file, use “Export” (see:

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