AUP File Won't Open - Data Files Still There

I have an Audacity project that was last used on Friday and was properly saved (save as, not as a lossless file). Now I cannot open it. When I try, I get an error message telling me that the file “is an Audacity project file. Use the File > Open command to open Audacity projects.” When I try to do that, the same thing happens. I clicked on the question mark/help link and it says to try to open it using Files > Recent Files but it is not showing it among my recent files. It does show another project I had open on Friday as well, but that project is totally fine and opens normally. The data AU files all seem to still be in the folder, but the actual project won’t open. I did have some windows updates over the weekend which restarted my computer and may have been the cause of this, but the other file that I had left open seems unharmed. I’m on a deadline and looking at losing 2.5 days of work. I’ve been using Audacity for nearly a decade and never had this problem before. Please help!

Open the .AUP file in a text editor (Notepad??) and read it (Do Not save anything).

Does it look anything like this with semi-English words and odd sentences?

Does it have nonsence characters, graphic characters or is the .AUP file blank?


Thanks for the response! I never received an email notification letting me know there was a reply so I’m just seeing this now. The file was corrupted and I had to combine all the six second files in the data folder using other programs. I ended up hiring an engineer to help me and it’s resolved now, but thank you for your time.

I ended up hiring an engineer to help me and it’s resolved now,

How did they do it? Typically, once you flush your AUP file, that’s the end of the show. There are no “hooks” or clues how to put them all back together. How long was the show?