AUP File will not open

So early this morning I finished recording a 15min commentary inside of Audacity after which I saved the project in a folder for later use. Now in the afternoon I tried opening the project file so I could make some changes but upon going into File > Open and choosing the .aup file it gives me an error: “file path” is an Audacity Project file. Use the File > Open’ command to open Audacity Projects." with the text “Error Importing” on the dialog box. I have a screenshot attached below of the error. I tried double clicking and opening the file directly as well as using the import option but all failed. Im not sure what the issue is since I have both the aup file as well as the _data files for the project in the same folder and the data files don’t seem to be corrupt either. Not sure why it says error importing either since I am attempting to open the aup project file not import it. I’m using the latest version of Audacity on Windows 10 64bit. This issue has never happened to me before and I urgently need the recording. Anyone have a solution to this issue?

AUP is a text file. Open it in a text editor (notepad?) and read it.

It should contain semi-English programming instructions. One of my older ones, spread out for visibility looks like this.

If you have scrambled trash or all the same character, then your AUP file is bad.


I just tried this right now and it came up completely blank with no text whatsoever. What could this mean?

If the AUP file is empty Audacity gives you the error message you see.

Did you wait for the project save to complete before shutting down the computer?

If you never edited the recording yet, you can recover it by following


Yes I did wait till the project finished saving before shutting it down. I tried following the link you provided but being a 15+ recording there is a tons of audio files in the data folder so it will be too much of a hassle for me. Guess I shall re-record the whole thing but thanks for your help

15 hours!!!

I bet you ran out of computer. Every time you make a change, Audacity makes an UNDO copy of the whole show at super high quality. Many, many gigs of work.


15 minutes was stated in the first post.


15 minutes

That’s a relief.